Cleanliness that maintains values.

With Merisa as your partner, you have a specialist with great innovative power at your side. Thanks to intensive research, many years of experience and strict quality controls, Merisa ensures the necessary lead in sustainable cleaning and care.

For more than 40 years, we have been working exclusively on the comprehensive cleaning of various materials and surfaces. In our development we include all relevant aspects such as environmental compatibility, costs, efficiency, occupational health and safety.

Protect yourself and others.

Hand soaps

Hand hygiene is one of the most important measures to interrupt the spread of viruses. Our gentle wash lotion allows frequent washing of the hands without straining them.

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Hand disinfection

Hand disinfection is the fastest and most reliable way to reduce the number of viruses on your hands. We recommend that the hands be rubbed in according to EN 1500.

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Surface disinfection

The surface disinfection is very important in case of high human frequency. We recommend disinfecting the surfaces at least once a day to prevent the passing on of viruses.

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Building cleaning


Vehicle care






Kitchen hygiene


Textile hygiene


Food and beverage industry


Personal hygiene


DERMATEC for professional hygiene

With the branded products DERMATEC® and DESIPUR® merisa has a broad and deep product range to maintain the high hygiene standard of your company. We offer you exactly the products that are relevant to your field of expertise and seek tailor-made solutions for your individual operational requirements.